Norma Telfer Trophy 2016

Yesterday saw Heugh Bowmen’s annual Norma Telfer Trophy Shoot.

The day started off grey, overcast and wet, and frankly didn’t get much better!  Billed as a 1pm sharp start, we didn’t get underway until half past as we waited for the rain to ease off.  Thankfully it did brighten up a little, and other than one small (but heavy) shower, it stayed relatively dry – although the wind did come out to play late in the afternoon in typical Seaton Carew style.

Norma Telfer was a long-standing member of Heugh Bowmen, and from all accounts an excellent archer 🙂   When she sadly passed away a few years ago, Ian chose to let her legacy live on with a handicapped tournament for Heugh members only.  In his words, he picked the American round as something a bit different for the beginners, as most tend to stick to the rounds that are only two distances.

The third annual winner of the Norma Telfer Trophy was Brian Clark.   Although his poor addition originally gave him 100 points more than he should have had, he was undoubtedly the winner of the day by a large margin.  Amy’s also incorrectly totalled scores meant that she didn’t come second as I announced yesterday – that place was taken by Steven.  🙂

In other news, Ethan Bradshaw took the Templar Junior Trophy with his Windsor.  Aided by his dad, who also added the scores up wrong (although it didn’t affect the result).  Maybe we should start handing out calculators as prizes?  😀

Many thanks to everyone who turned out in the not-exactly-ideal weather conditions.  While the rain and wind obviously put a few people off, there was enough there to make a fun shoot, so thank you for your support of the Telfers!

For full results, see below



Brian:   Adj. score 1556 – actual score 32-90-620
Steven: Adj. score 1439 – actual score 17-77-503
Aaron:  Adj. score 1438 – actual score 9-90-518
Jason:   Adj. score 1425 – actual score 22-90-604
Alan:     Adj. score 1421 – actual score 75-90-970
Amy:     Adj. score 1414 – actual score 22-88-568
Karen:  Adj. score 1390 – actual score 24-90-602
Bill:       Adj. score 1386 – actual score 43-90-698

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