Stonebow Field Shoot

Thanks tDSC_0004o the football tournament, we couldn’t shoot at Seaton yesterday, so off we went on a trip to Thirsk. ¬†For most of us, it was our first ever attempt at field archery, and the members of Stonebow Archery thankfully took that into account as our arrows flew wildly ūüôā




We were welcomed with bacon butties (or veggie equivalent!) by Alison and her team of helpers, diviDSC_0005ded up into teams, and sent on our way. ¬†Although field archery comes with it’s own set of rules, all carefully explained by the experts, most of us ignored the “one arrow” rule and continued to empty our quivers at each target. ¬†Most of us also ignored the different coloured pegs and tried everything from the red (or the wasp!) – regardless of advice from the experienced field archers on hand!



Injured Ian did a marvelous job of shooting everyone and handing out afternoon snacks, while Morris was on hand to lend his morale support (and sympathy) as we blundered our way through the woods. ¬†It’s a good job we weren’t relying on stealth to catch our supper…

Last year’s beginners set off as a group, and soon proved their head for heights with the flying owl. ¬†Graham helpfully worked the hoist while Ethan took careful aim from the platform, before Denis and Catherine each took a turn.

DSC_0053  DSC_0057  DSC_0056

Colin confidently led his team off into the woods, carrying his longbow, whDSC_0008ile
Patrick chose to go barebow for the day.  Pam and Kev, however, opted to keep the full Olympic-style recurve.  One of them obviously had the right idea, because they scored a kill on the owl!

Patrick looked calm and confident while taking aim at a distant pig, while Pam put the coach’s tips into practice, Kev pulled faces and Colin did… ¬†a happy dance???



DSC_0021  DSC_0016 DSC_0024  DSC_0018


My team headed off to shoot some fields (they’re big, so you can’t miss!), and despite the usual comments about my1c4d869c-bb88-4ed2-8ecb-d860718edce7 hat, I was glad of it when we got to the windy end of the course! ¬†Bill brought his flatbow, and seemed to be trying to kiss the string without drawing it, while Ethan showed us all up with his new longbow. ¬†Joe was proof that if you take the expert’s advice you do much better, as he hit first time once he set his foot to the peg!

DSC_0028  DSC_0030 DSC_0035

Lunchtime was a welcome break, with hot food and a bit of a rest! ¬†Veggie soup was lovely, as were the cakes. ¬†Can’t comment on the chilli, but since there wasn’t any of it left it must have been good!

After lunch we went off again, to finish off those wild animals.  And a few trees.


Bill showed his group 13532784_10209001745697275_6785735441245367621_nhow it was done, while they all watched carefully.  They must have been expecting a few lost arrows, as Morris carefully watched through binoculars.  No need for it by the time they got to the Centurian, as Steven showed him who was boss!  Brother in laws Wayne and Kevin kept their cool (and their sights!), but headed off early to go to work.

DSC_0041  DSC_0043  DSC_0044

Last group consisted of the kids… ¬†While Jay seemed to take it seriously, Mark didn’t. ¬†Except when we was shooting, while Amy didn’t take it seriously. ¬†And I’m not sure we should have let Amy climb the ladder.

DSC_0064  DSC_0065 DSC_0046

All in all, a very successful first field shoot for Heugh.  We had a few casualties РKev shredded three arrows, Steven decided his would go round trees better if they were bent, and Ethan took the ear off a fox Рbut nothing spoiled the day.

13495094_10153807582282428_547818587045267730_n  13529092_10209000974077985_6237117776728571375_n  7ce85d36-5077-4a00-bfa1-8259bf4c2574

As for good shots – there was a few. ¬†I kneecapped the Centurian, while someone else shot him square in the forehead. ¬†Ethan’s longbow was deadly (especially if you were behind him), Joe thought¬†a tree branch looked like a tempting target, and it looks like someone managed to shoot Bambi vertically in the head four times. ¬†Wow. ¬†And I’m sorry Mark, but shooting the deer in¬†the eye, through the brain and out of the back of it’s skull doesn’t count as a kill shot, so you don’t get the points.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get the all important group photo at the end of the day, because the last group there were too busy having fun to notice how late it was getting, and folks had already begun to leave. ¬†As we left, we expressed our thanks to our hosts (as I’m sure everyone did!) and promised we’d see them again soon.


So, anyone up for another go in September/October???

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