Norton Archers – Harry Potter Fun Shoot

20160814_142211Our lovely neighbours, Norton Archers, invited us along to their Annual Harry Potter Shoot last week, and four of us took them up on the offer.

Myself, Matthew, Bill and Joe wandered along there to see what the fuss was about, with no idea at all of what we were letting ourselves in for.  All we had been told was “basilisk”, “teams” and “the novices are running it”.  Sounded like it was going to be fun!

On arrival we were met with the usual high level of welcome, from bright and cheery greetings, to “there will be cake later” – music to our ears 🙂  While we set up and had a chat with our Norton friends, the novice crew sorted out the target faces.  I was a little confused at what looked like a tin of potatoes, but I was fairly certain that it would make more sense once I was told the rules…!

Joe started the afternoon looking like he was wondering what he’d let himself in for, as he watched the set up, while Bill casually leaned on his bow, looking amused.  This certainly wasn’t going to be a “normal” afternoon’s shooting!


Once we were all set up, we split up into our Houses, and were given a tour of the targets, and an explanation of the scoring system.  Points would be awarded for hitting dementors and death eaters, but you would lose house points 20160814_142855for hitting owls and Triwizard contestants.  The house with the most points at the end of the competition would be declared the winner.

All sounds fairly straightforward 😀

The first few targets were just that, so long as you remembered what you were aiming for.  Hitting the dragons seemed like it should be easy, but I managed to hit the blank space right between it’s wings and scored zero, while Alison from Norton managed to… well… hit the back crossbeam of the target , and wedge her arrow behind the boss.  While being a marvelous trick shot, it wasn’t a scoring arrow!

The trickier shots came as we got to the last two targets for my team.  You’d think the Basilisk would be fairly easy, as it’s “a dirty great snake” (Ron’s words), but we had to go halfway up the field to retrieve some arrows…  Can you see it?  That green thing on the grass to the left of the bosses.  Yeah, that’s it.  Good job we went on the field shoot last month – helped a little for this one!  Maybe they should paint it a different colour for next year, though? 😀


Last target of the day for me and Matthew was the potatoes.  Which turned out to be Snitches.  That’s right, they expected us to hit small, golden, winged, egg-shaped balls, which were camouflaged rather well on a straw boss!

20160814_142123 20160814_155830



Joe was the first of the Heugher’s to let out a delighted (rather shocked) yell of “I GOT ONE!!!”, followed by myself a few ends later.  However, when a dozen or so of us lined up at the end to shoot a volley at them, not one single archer scored a hit!







All in all, a great afternoon.  Slytherin took most of the honours, which means Matthew and myself have to go back next year to defend our title, along with Glenn and Athol.  Norton’s novices did a great job of organising the shoot, creating the targets, and handing out free invisibility cloaks.  And the cake was rather nice, too!  I think I can safely say that the afternoon was enjoyed by all, and I’m looking forward to next year!

Thanks to Norton Archers once again for the invite, and for making us so welcome.  20160814_142543

20160814_144101 20160814_144109 20160814_155121

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