Ship Inn Shield and Junior Horn

Yesterday proved to be a typical day in Seaton Carew for the weather, as we lined up for the annual Ship Inn Shield and Junior Horn trophies.  The round was an Albion/Windsor, and as we began the first end at 80 years we were standing in glorious sunshine, with a mild breeze.

Three dozen arrows later as we reached the 60 yard mark, the wind came out to play in force.  Nice strong gusts to keep us on our toes (those archers in Rio who have been complaining about the wind need to come and train with us!).  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it had been on Friday night, and it died down a bit again by the time we got to 50 yards.

Just in time for the rain!20160813_151830

Only a quick shower, and it was actually quite refreshing, before the sun came back out to end the day.  As I said, typical Seaton Carew!

It also looks like the Rugby season is about to start, as we were shooting to the age old cry of PIZZA!, and random numbers/colours being called out behind us.  Ol’Billy wandered off to find out what they were yelling about, but didn’t come back any wiser!


Ian is still on the injured list, so he again did a marvelous job of keeping the juniors (and Mick!) in line.  I’m sure the results would have been a whole lot different, had they scored their own arrows.  Poor Ian needed a well deserved rest after explaining (again) that you can’t score an even number at an Imperial round!




The Juniors (and beginners) shot some very nice scores at 30 yards.  I think we’re going to have to stop letting them shoot these easy targets!  Nice to see Joe there to shoot the round, but he missed out on the prize due to not having a handicapped score.  And with only a few weeks to go until he joins the seniors, he’ll have to get some more practice in 🙂


Ethan Bradshaw took home the Junior Horn, with an adjusted score of 1511.  Well done Ethan!



The Ship Inn Shield went to Matthew David, with an adjusted score of 1461.  Well done to Matthew (and a great excuse for having to come back next year!)

The Rose Bowl (Ladies) will be shot at a later date this year.20160813_155537

Final (senior) scores for the day:

Matthew – 1461

Alan – 1423

Morris – 1384

Karen – 1369

Bill – 1369


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