Soup Shoot – April 2017

Yesterday saw us shoot our first Soup Shoot, with an absolutely amazing turn out of 44 archers, plus assorted partners, parents and grandparents.  Thank you to everyone who turned up to make it a really great start to the 2017 outdoor season!

The original idea was to shoot a FrostBite round, but the FrostBite is traditionally shot outdoors during the indoor season, the idea being to shoot a really short round and run back inside to warm up.  Since our field is shared with the footballers (who are not the most helpful in sharing information!) I couldn’t guarantee they would let us play…hence the reason we went for the double FrostBite (or outdoor Stafford) in the outdoor season.  Let us enjoy the sun 🙂

Despite Tracy telling me on the morning that it was “perfect archery conditions”, the wind was out in force in Seaton Carew (as always!), which led to a few problems for some of the archers.  On the whole, however, everyone dealt with it very well, and even Bill kept his grumbling to a minimum!  Alison from Norton Archers showed everyone how to be calm in the face of adversity as she did the quickest bow set-up seen yet when she arrived late after getting lost on the way.  Despite missing sighters, she came a very respectable 5th!


It was also great to see such a wide range of bowstyle and experience on the line.  The longbow contingent was out in force, and there was an excellent show from the local Novices – all of which seemed to be taking the opportunity to gain some valuable experience at competition while listening to advice from those who have been shooting for a few more years.

A big shout out also needs to go to Alex Smith, our Field Captain for the day.  He traveled all the way from Ponteland to give us a hand, and he kept us all on track beautifully!

All in all, a lovely day, and a great way to start off the season.  It was a shame more people couldn’t stick around for the excellent soup, but the Norton and Green Lane gangs did their best to make up for it, and the Rugby and Cricket teams helped us out with the rest!

Once again, thanks to everyone who attended, and to everyone who contributed raffle prizes (once again, Merlin Archery were top-notch with their donation!) and to those who dug deep when Tracey came around selling tickets.





Hope to see everyone again at the Amalgamation on the 4th June.  Entry form will be out soon!

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