2017 Amalgamation


4th June saw the 51st Amalgamation and 2nd Jim Rodger’s Memorial Shoot take place at Seaton Carew Sports and Social Club.  In the few days leading up to the competition the weather promised to be truly awful – even threatening hail!  Thankfully Jim came through for us again, and sent the sun, although he did turn up the wind machine by the second half.



Despite a few issues with entries being lost in the post, we managed to get everyone on the shooting line safely, as once again we had an amazing turn out.  Lots of our friends from around the area came along, some from as far away as Greenlane and Bradford.  Norton sent along quite a few of their archers, and Aycliffe brought a bus load, while Heugh itself saw an amazing 18 archers shoot – one of whom had only finished her beginner’s course a few weeks before.

In addition to Tracey, we also had three of our new juniors take part, and another 7 novices from other clubs joined in the competition for the Jim Rodger’s memorial shield.  This year also saw the return of Shaun, who last shot the Amalgamation in 1975 as a junior.

The day continued fine, with no major mishaps – although Stephen may disagree as he would have won the Woodpecker Trophy if we awarded one, and grandson Cameron tried to claim a “14” (don’t tell Morris you put a hole in his new numbers!)


All in all, a good day was had by all.  Bill and Helen looked to be enjoying themselves, as did our lovely judge Sharon (thanks again for the chocolate!), while Becc and Shaun looked a little more serious.  Paul was very cool, for his first competition, and Kev and Jay caught up on FaceBook…


With the results counted, there was a good scattering of medals among all of the clubs represented.  Heugh placed in both gents and ladies compound, while Aycliffe and Norton took honours in the recurve.  Bowmen of Walker took the team prize, the Jack and Jill and the best gold, while Heugh’s Will walked off with the novice trophy, and Cameron took home the spoon.  Bill retained the best Heugh recurve, and Ethan took the best Heugh handicap – well done, all !

As always, thanks to everyone who attended – the field party (you know who you are), the raffle ticket sellers (Helen and June), the awesome judge (Sharon), and Merlin Archery for the sponsorship.  Thanks also to the archers for coming along to enjoy the day with us.  🙂

Hope to see those from Teesside clubs in September for the Teesside Champs, and everyone else at the same time next year!



(Photos courtesy of Ian Telfer, Paul Wilkin and Mr Pye)

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