2017…. June to October…

Last week, someone (rightly) pointed out that I hadn’t updated the news feed on the website in quite some time.  I couldn’t argue – it’s been just over a year.  Ooops!

So….  What’s happened in the last year?  Loads of stuff, it appears, which is probably why I haven’t had time to do any updates!

The last post was the Amalgamation 2017…  well, just the day before that, Heugh got their first official coach 🙂  I passed my Level 1 qualification, and formally took over all of the beginner courses.


Just after the Amalgamation, we got a new house!  Jim bequeathed us a goodly amount of money towards club development, and one thing we KNEW we needed was a more weatherproof container.  What started as replacing the container became a two story structure with a viewing window (Mark’s idea!), but we finally settled on moving the old container (to be replaced later), and getting a second one – an office style, that could be used as a workshop, as well as giving us more space for people to hide from the weather.

On a cold, wet day we emptied the container, and put up a temporary shelter, as well as filling my car with any of the “don’t get wet” items.  Then we got the club flatbow out and chucked some sticks while we waited….



Sometime around lunchtime, the wagon arrived, with our new cabin (or Cabinet, as Simon persisted in calling it!)  Respect to the driver, who did a fair bit of maneuvering to lift the holey cabin out of the way, drop the new one in place, then re-position the old one.  Lovely bit of work, which ended with everything exactly where we wanted it.



The day continued with fish and chips, three newly assembled workbenches, Morris and BillWithADrill moving a coffin (???), and the amusement of watching Jay and Mark trying to shift 12 paving slabs in one go!





Then we entertained the Hartlepool Mavericks Dodgeball Club for the morning…  that was fun!  Our first mass Have A Go for kids.  The new foam tipped arrows came in useful for the younger kids, and the older ones seemed to have a lot of fun too.  Not sure Morris enjoyed himself much, but he made a good coach 🙂

Watch this space for the next visit from them…


We also joined in the SCSSC Fun Day, running another Have A Go.  Can’t say we had the most success, but the rugby lads seemed to enjoy themselves…  Martin was great at helping with the unusual set up (we don’t normally need nets on the field!), Paul tried to coach people to Olympic standard in 6 arrows, Helen showed her sales skills, and Ian fed chocolate to the kids…

What else happened…  It rained (a lot!) at the county champs (Norton), and then it was sunny…  and Pam, Kev and Alan brought home the bling.


Norton also hosted GNAM – expensive bling!

There was a massive field shoot at Netherwitton (even more bling!!!)

Some of us went to Norton, for the annual Harry Potter Shoot (Go Go Slytherin!), and then they came to us for our Charity shoot, in aid of Cancer Research (specifically Brest Cancer).

After that, we hosted one last cold wet beginner course for the year (well done to those who got through that!), we went 10-pin bowling (Kev Flintstone Duncanson won, as always!), and we hosted the Teesside Champs…  Mark, Pam and Alan were selected to shoot for the county at the 5 Counties at the very end of the season, and guess what???  Yeah…  more bling!

Before we knew it, the indoor season was back again…











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