Charity Shoot 18th August 2018

By Helen Lee

Our 4th annual charity shoot, this year in aid of Macmillan Nurses, took place on 18th August 2018.  It was warm and dry but rather windy, which played to the advantage of the traditional ‘fun shoot with evil rules’, meaning that anyone could be in with a chance of winning.  Once again we played with the Gosforth arrows round, but with the distances shortened to 50, 40 and 30 yards, so as to hopefully include more people.  We also had a Burntwood round set up for our visit from Nadeem, and he was joined by some of our younger archers.


Unfortunately, the wind caused too many problems with the setting up of the targets and the balloon-pop element had to be abandoned, although Kieren’s lovely dancing with strings of balloons across the field may have made up for that a little.

The target rules where provided via a random number generator and there were cries of “I hate you Helen!” after a perfect end from a couple of participants, who then had the inner 2 rings not count or had to deduct their score from their running total. Thankfully I don’t take these things to heart and may have laughed evilly once or twice!  One person I know who didn’t mind my rules was Nadeem, who managed to have with score of 9 increased to 90 on an invert score rule.

The scoring, as always, managed to confuse some people, with lots of crossing out and recalculations, but everyone seemed ‘happy’ to sign off on their score sheets.

The winners from the day were:

1st place:  Steve East                 510

2nd place: Kieren Brenchley    471

3rd Place: Brian Clark              464

Team: Fred Forth & Paul Nicholson        846

As always, the raffle went down well, with some people taking away a lot more than others, and the bake sale had everyone getting lots of sweet and some savoury treats. For some reason no-one seemed to want to cut into Jabba the Hutt, but Karen didn’t complain as she got to take him home again.


It was good to see the support from within the club and also have a number of visitors from our friends at Norton, Aycliffe and Priory, as well as having someone come from as far afield as The Company of Scorton Archers (near Catterick, I had to look it up). Thanks to everyone’s generosity we managed to raise £400.


Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who took part and donated time and money.

Full Results:

Name Score Team score
Steve East 510 720
Kieren Brenchley 471 727.33
Brian Clark 464 845
Alan Blogg 450 842.67
Paul Heaps 441 842.67
Rhiannon Beckett 434 836
Fred Forth 432 846
Katie Brenchley 429 844
Simon Bradshaw 428 837.33
Paul Jarred 419 782
Adrian Sutherland 417 837.33
Darcy Summerill 415 844
Paul Nicholson 414 846
Bill Smith 411 837.33
Naomi Salmons 406 684
Andy Mason 402 836
Aaron Clark 384 749
Jay Ingram 381 845
Wayne Summerill 380 727.33
Ethan Bradshaw 373 842.67
Karen Relton 365 749
Ric Ingram 363 782
Nadeem Mughal 278 684
Anth Peacock 240 727.33
Chris McGrath 210 720


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