3rd Annual Soup Shoot

20th April 2019

This year, the Soup Shoot got off to a truly magnificent start, with the football players nowhere in sight, and a huge field party arriving early to set up quickly and efficiently.  Well… once someone took over sighting the targets in from Mark, anyway!

With a field of 59 archers expected, we had one drop out due to injury – a place which was snapped up at the last minute by a hopeful from Whitburn who “just happened” to have his kit in the car.  Two more who couldn’t make it dropped the total number of archers on the field to a still-fantastic 57 – the second year running we’ve had an almost full house.

Beautiful weather was also with us for the second year, with jokes abounding again about changing it to an Ice-Cream Shoot next year.  Our judge was on hand with chocolate eggs for best golds, stealing the limelight for the TO prizes.  While I was overjoyed to get best gold with a longbow (I got a 10!!!), I spent the rest of the shoot devising a way to hand out the Easter Eggs I’d planned to give out for Best Gold in all categories…

With 10 records being either broken or set this year, the results were very close.  Only one point in between first and second in both lady and gent compound, and lots of duplicated scores further down the table, it was 10s all the way to sort out the tables.  Well done to everyone for some great scores 😊

Finishing off the day with the usual amazing mushroom soup and epic raffle, there was a good spread of prizes throughout the clubs, and the Easter Eggs went to “reverse scores” instead of best gold, with smiles all around.

The tournament was a TO’s dream, with everything going perfectly, and the archers all appearing to have a great day – even those who didn’t shoot as well as they’d have liked.  Thank you to everyone for your help and support throughout – to Lynne for judging, David for being a magnificent Lord Patron, Martin for heading up the field party, Merlin Archery for sponsoring the shoot, and all the archers for turning up to shoot.  Hope to see you all again in June for the Amalgamation.

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