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Archery in Hartlepool had its origins from two clubs (Rosecot Archers and Tudor Archers) which operated about 1950 and about which little is known but almost certainly shot in the longbow. Bud Broughton attended a tournament at Tudor Archers in 1950 where lemonwood longbows were the main choice of bow.

In 1958, after a general public meeting, a club was formed under the name of Hartlepool’s Archery Club. After an initial surge in interest membership soon declined with the result that in 1959 Bud Broughton, Eric Jackson, Ted Blogg and Walter Rock formed a new club which was registered as Heugh Bowmen (1960) with GNAS. Membership was about 40, mainly juniors and considering the conditions under which the club operated, namely: lack of a long shooting range and no electricity in the clubroom (a Tilley lamp was used), this was considered a fine achievement.

The club’s name is derived from its first headquarters which was called the Heugh Battery, a World War 1 gun emplacement.  The name Heugh actually means a headland or outcrop of rock and is Saxon in origin. The location of the Battery, which still exists, was in a part of Hartlepool known to this day as the Headland and the term ‘heughers’ is still applied to the residents.

Club growth meant that the original premises were too small and a number of different venues were used between 1960 and early 1961, none of which were really suitable because of public accessibility.  In late 1961 the club moved to Tunstall Court, an enclosed private sports ground owned by Richardsons & Westgarth Company Ltd., and remained there until 1964 when as a result of an internal split it was forced to seek new premises.  After a very brief period of shooting in a farmer’s field (cows included), the club moved to what is now English Martyrs’ Comprehensive School where it remained until 1973.

In 1973 the club became founder members of the Seaton Carew Cricket and Sports Club (now renamed as the Seaton Carew Sports and Social Club), a move which has helped to establish the club and is probably the most significant moment in the club’s history to date.

Heugh Bowmen’s 25th Birthday

1960’s Footage