Christmas fun shoot 2016

17th December was this year’s Christmas shoot, and this year we decided to make a cha20161211_094132nge from the usual shoot-for-chocolate Portsmouth.  With about 10 days to go, I started to question Nicola at Norton about what sort of targets they were going to be using, and stole a few ideas…

…then I recruited some help, and started painting.

7 target faces later, I was all ready to go.  Despite a small mishap with the prizes (leaving them at the checkout in Tescos – thankfully forgetting to buy them, not buying and then forgetting!), things went fairly well in the preparation.  Making all 7 myself (well, with Leo’s help) was a bit of a rush, so be prepared for me asking others to make some next year!

Thanks to Kev for making the score cards, and a massive thanks to the guys who set the range up early for me, so that I had time to get the targets sorted properly, and to Ian for putting a nocking point on the brand new club bow that I used for Pin the Nose on Rudolf.  I really don’t understand why anyone had an issue with shooting a 24lb barebow, although Morris did forget that he didn’t have a sling on, and tried to fire the bow at the target along with the arrow!

15442198_10154323885691775_1300978323654206712_n 15492157_10154323886026775_756559586813497373_n 15541238_10154323885951775_7516556665075844577_n 15542120_10154323885821775_5588902675876709257_n-1 15578751_10154323885756775_4084795047432761958_n20161217_140133

The barebow didn’t seem to be the only thing that was causing problems, as the Christmas tree refused to let go of Mark’s arrows – so much so that it took him and Jay to pull them out of the straw!

Thanks again to everyone who attended the shoot, and congratulations to Alan and Bill, our two winners, and Alan and Ian who showed us all how to use the barebow!

Merry Christmas Everybody, and Happy New Year to you and your families.  See you all on the 3rd January.15492617_10154323885366775_3456855157536094224_n

Stroke Association Charity Fun Shoot

Wednesday night saw us shoot our first outdoor Fun Shoot, in aid of the Stroke Association.

After a week of unnamed (22)uncertain weather I was very very worried that we’d have another night of wind and rain, but thankfully we had the best day of the week for it.  Bright blue skies lasted all day, and it stayed warm right up until late evening.

We chose to support the Stroke Association in memory of Jim Rodgers, as he suffered a stroke in his last few months and unfortunately didn’t shoot again.  I’m sure he would have been very happy with the turn-out and support, although no doubt would have grumbled over the rules for the night!

Many thanks to those who turned up early to give me a hand with set-up (and those who helped to pack away at the end) – your help in moving targets, blowing up balloons, and sticking stickers was much appreciated!  With all of the help we were ready to go at 6pm as planned, and with help from Jo (the charity representative) and her son Warrick, we soon had the archers split into pairs.  Or in the case of our single longbower, a trio.  Mark was of course the last on the field (with seconds to spare), racing across the cricket pitch with his bag balanced on his shoulder.  Perhaps I should have made him shoot as a team on his own, just for being late!

unnamed (23)     The rules     Ready to shoot

The rules were fairly simple.  Shoot sticks at the targets, score more points than the other teams.  Try not to get caught cheating.  Judging

Scoring rules differed slightly from the norm, on some of the targets, but at least this time you knew what you were aiming for before shooting (unlike the March fun shoot indoors!).  The more “experienced” archers aimed for the balloons right away, forgetting that we don’t score sighters, and therefore missing out completely on some of the extra points available.  Ooops!

Warrick did a brilliant job of handing out spot prizes, acting as our judge for the night (no one gets away with not working!), and Catherine did a grand job of selling raffle tickets.  The archers, meanwhile, forgot to mark their stickers, forgot to change their sights, and in some cases forgot how to add up.  Organised chaos, as is often the case when the rules are changed!Shooting line

All in all, a fun night for everyone.  With cake (I’m still sure Amy made a sticky cake in order to glue the competition to their bows), hasty target face changes, haribo, and the most awesome trophies ever handed out at an archery competition, spirits were high as we ended the shoot.  Thanks again to our Lady P, Jo, for helping with the scoring, the raffle, and awarding the prizes.

So far, we have raised over £200, although the full amount of cash raised isn’t yet known as I’m waiting for a few more donations promised by some of Heugh’s archers who couldn’t make it.  Should anyone else wish to donate, please pass your cash on to me or Ian.

Thankfully we managed to finish up before full dark hit, but only just.  Next year we’ll move it forward a bit, to June or July, to make the most of the daylight hours.  And I hope to see you all there again, when the rules will change yet again!

Group photo