Please fill in the form below for places in the summer of 2020

Andrew and Ric looking very pleased with themselves on the 3rd week of their course

During the summer months (April – September), we host one beginners course.  This runs on a Friday evening 6pm – 8pm.  Each course is 5 sessions.

During the winter months (October – March) we can run one course on a Saturday afternoon 11.30am – 1pm.  This course lasts for 5 sessions.

Both indoor and outdoor courses cost £30.

Please be aware that there is a waiting list!

We welcome anyone from the age of 10 years and over, of all abilities.  Whether you’ve had a go before and would like to take the sport up as a hobby, or you’ve never tried but think it looks like fun, we’d love to see you.  We currently have members ranging in age from 10 to 80, proving that age is no barrier in this sport, however anybody between the ages 10 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times for safety reasons.

Although it is tempting to run out and buy a bow, please don’t!  All equipment is provided for use during the beginners course, although anyone wishing to join the club after the sessions have been completed will have to purchase their own bow then.  Please wait until after the course to buy your own bow, as we will show you a number of different types/styles.  In order to maximise your enjoyment of the sport your bow should be made to measure for you – going to a specialised shop is always the best choice, and doesn’t have to be as expensive as that sounds!

We will also always welcome those who have completed a beginners course elsewhere, but please do be aware that we will need to see a certificate of proof that a full 6 hour course has been attended, and you will also need to complete a short 1 hour assessment to ensure that you have remembered all of the safety issues!

If you would like to book a place for summer 2020, or have any queries at all, please use the contact form below.

By completing the form, you are agreeing to Heugh Bowmen keeping the details entered on file until your course is complete.  These details will NOT be shared with a third party.

Feedback on our beginners courses:

“Really enjoyed the beginners course, we found everyone to be very helpful and kind and this has continued, can’t thank everyone enough.  The support was there, also plenty of information and even though you were not with us all the time as Mark generally was, we knew you were keeping an eye out. Each session since we learn something new and this is from a close knit of Heugh members and yourself.”

“I really enjoyed the sessions and was impressed by the professional way they were organised and run.  From the safety aspects to the coaching instruction I thought everything was well delivered in a very friendly and informal way. The knowledge of the leaders was evident… It was good to move from bare bow to using sights and increasing the target distance so I felt each week like I’d learnt something new and achieved something.”