Target Award Scheme

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Heugh Bowmen Archery Club is keen to encourage all members to develop their archery skills and have therefore introduced a Target Award Scheme.  It is an award scheme in use at many archery clubs in the UK and applies to all archers, irrespective of age, ability or bow type (scores differ by bow type).

The Target Award Scheme is designed to help you practice your shooting at different distances and recognise your achievements as you progress.

After 6 sighters, you will shoot 3 dozen arrows, on a 122cm face, at your chosen distance. The round can be shot at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100 yards with the aim of scoring 252 (recurve), 280 (compound), 164 (longbow) or 189 (barebow). Wherever possible the 3 dozen requirement should be part of a recognised round as the handicap process is continuous.  Only those who are restricted for time should shoot the 3 dozen minimum or when loss of light is an issue in the evening and full rounds may not be possible.  This must be agreed beforehand.

If you achieve the score three times you can claim a badge for that distance. Badges have a different colour to represent the distances shot/achieved.

The Rules:

  1. Six sighters to be followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows.
  2. 5-zone scoring (Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1) using a 122cm target face. (This has in the past also included indoor at 20 yards on a 10-zone scoring using a 60cm face)
  3. The three dozen arrows should be shot as the first three dozen of a longer Imperial round.
  4. Scores must be achieved three times to qualify for the award.
  5. Qualifying scores for a given distance must be shot on different days
  6. To make an award claim, 3 signed and witnessed score sheets should be submitted to the member of the club running the badge scheme (Jason Ingram) to claim the badge. Each archer is responsible to keep and record their own scores.
  7. Screenshots of scores from archery apps are allowed, however archers are encouraged to use the yellow slips to record their score. If anything happens to your phone you will need these as proof.
  8. METRIC ROUNDS – The first 3 dozen on any recognised metric round would count, but the metric score would have to be readjusted for the imperial scoring (5 zone). This would need to be written alongside the metric score.

The badges will be presented to successful archers at club target sessions following submission of 3 scorecards. Badges cost £2 each.

This scheme is not designed to take people away from shooting recognised rounds and it will not count towards your handicap or classification. It is purely designed as a bit of fun and to help people gain confidence in shooting longer distances.

Please be aware that you must claim the badges in order – you cannot claim 20, then 40, then 30.  (Although you may hold onto your 40s until you get the 30! 😉 )

So come on – have a go! Can you be the first person to claim all the badges?